We take on at least two new apprentices each year and offer work experience opportunities to students at nearby schools as part of our commitment to supporting the future generation of bench joiners. Additionally, we engage with clients to identify apprentices from neighborhoods close to certain projects.

Build the groundwork for a lucrative career in construction.

Learn vital abilities that will set you apart for the rest of your life.
Throughout your educational programme, you will be tasked with completing some of the most sought projects in the industry.
Receive exceptional assistance throughout your apprenticeship and beyond.
We've always been committed to developing the next generation of tradespeople. In reality, we presently have four live apprentices working for us, and we intend to increase this number year-on-year.

Because MMA has been recognised for the great possibilities we provide our apprentices. This means you can be confident in our dedication to you and your career, both during and after your apprenticeship.
Our specialties
Past apprentices have earned NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in a variety of fields, including:

  • Bench construction
  • Site Carpentry
  • Fire door compliance
  • Mass production Furniture
  • Acoustic Baffles and Acoustic Wall Paneling
  • Timber Handrails & timber staircases
  • Use of the most advanced construction software.

Time to apply?
If you want to build the essential skills for a career in our industry, if you have the drive and commitment to succeed, and if you want to work on incredible projects throughout your training, an apprenticeship at Brown & Carroll could be your perfect match.